A little about me...

Hello everyone! My name is Joy and I am the creater/maker behind Golly Oodelally Designs. I am currently living the small town life on the east coast with my honey of 18 years, our 3 amazing kids, 3 crazy cats, 2 parents, and a partridge in a pear tree.

About 5 years ago, we decided to move our family out of the city. We were tired. The place where we both had grown up had changed dramatically, as they do, and we wanted something different. Cue the shenanigans! We found a new home, sold our then current home, and moved all in 4.5 weeks. I would really prefer to never move with that kind of timeline again, but we have zero regrets and love living country lite.

That's when this business idea sparked as more than an hobby. I've always been crafty and used my creativity as an anchor to help my mental state. Crafting has always brought me happiness and 1 tiny order turned into 2 tiny orders. That's when I knew this could be something more!

People ask how the brand name came to be and it always makes me smile. Our family has a massive love for all things 000 mouse related and my personal favorite movie is the classic Robin Hood. When my not-so-tiny tiny human was little, it would be on constantly. There's a song called Oo-De-Lally by Roger Miller that he loved. For some reason he would switch up the lyrics and say Golly Oo-de-lally! What a Day! And I ran with it!

I hope you find some goodies that catch your eye and bring some sunshine, pixie dust, and happiness to your life!